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As an essential waste management company, Champion Recycling will remain open during this global crisis. Champion Recycling processes over 1200 tons (2.5 Million Pounds) of ferrous and non-ferrous metals per month out of our Las Vegas Valley Facility. As an integral part of the Las Vegas community, we also provide services for extreme economically disadvantaged people. We are committed to the safety and well being of our customers as well as our employees. New rules regarding pick up and drop off will be in place. For questions regarding commercial schedule changes or drop box pick ups; please contact our dispatch office Monday-Friday from 8am to 4:30 pm. #VEGASSTRONG


Residential Waste Recycling

Many people don't realize just how many household goods can be recycled for cash. Aluminum cans are the standard thinking, but in fact there is so much more....and more cash to be made. DON'T TRASH IT, CASH IT.


We have complied a list of the most common household items that can be turned into CASH

Commercial Waste Recycling

Commercial Recycling Programs


Let us customize a recycling program for your busniness thats smart, efficient and profitable. Contact one of our expert scrap representatives today to discuss tailoring a comprehensive recycling program that fits YOUR BUSINESS

Demoltion Waste Services

Champion Recycling is an intregal partner to many local demolition companies. With on-call dumpster service and round the clock availability, we are truly a company that never sleeps in the city that never sleeps.


Contact one of our demolition specialists today to discuss logistics and other special services that we offer to our demo partners.

Why Choose Champion Recycling?


We make recycling easy. Find out HOW by calling one of our recycling experts today


Located in the heart of Las Vegas, we are easily accessible from all areas of the Valley. We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 4:30pm to accomodate all schedules


Champion Recycling pays top dollar for scrap materials including steel, copper brass and aluminum. Call today to see just how much CASH  your scrap is worth

How much is MY scrap worth?


and find out!


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