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Listed below are some of the commodities that we buy.
Tin / Light Metal


Tin is a term that we use to describe any light gauge steel material. This includes sheet steel and white goods. (Appliances)

Heavy Melting Steel / #1 Iron


Heavy Steel is a term used to describe thick iron and steel material. Material must be at least 1/4" thick and can not contain

debris or foreign materials.



Aluminum is sorted and paid depending on type including sheet, cast, extrusion, CRV or contaminated.



Copper is purchased in several different grades including Bright and Shiny (B&S), #1, #2, Insulated and contaminated.



Brass, while made from copper; is purchased as its own commodity. We buy both clean and contaminated brass.



We buy electronic scrap including computer towers, hard drives, finger cards, cell phones and more.

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